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Stereotypes for Me PHI 103 June 1, 2011 Stereotypes for Me In this paper I will describe a few stereotypes that I have encountered and the effect those stereotypes can have on others. Some of the information might be valid or invalid or could it be considered a stereotype. We watch programs on the television all the time about different races. The United States is fortunate enough to be considered the melting pot due to all the different nationalities that people here consider their home. One of the few things we cannot avoid or assume to say is that every particular race has a stereotype. What is a stereotype? In my definition, it is a statement established by a particular race about someone’s nationality or sexual orientation…show more content…
I am African American and I was born and raised in the state of Mississippi. For 18 years of my life I dwelled deep in the countryside. I learned how to raise cows, pigs, chickens and horses. I also know how to grow my own fruit and vegetables and depend primarily on going to the grocery store all the time. There is one thing that I really loved about being in the South and that was when we cooked Sunday dinner, it would always be tons of food. One of the main dishes of course was fried chicken. If there wasn’t any fried chicken, then you could count me out. I ate so my fried chicken when I was a kid, I woke up one morning and seen a white feather on my bed! I don’t know of anything else out there better that tasted better than fried chicken. Needless to say, everyone speculates that all black people love fried chicken. Does that apply to only black people who live in the south only or is that all over the world? Could this conclusion considered a stereotype or is this a valid statement. To argue this case we can use deductive and an inductive argument. From a deductive standpoint all black people love fried foods. Richard is black. Therefore Richard loves fried chicken. There isn’t any valid proof that all black people love fried chicken just assumptions. There are several reasons behind my argument. A connection was established on those grounds to define why black people love fried chicken. If we draw an equation…show more content…
Based on the information that was provided, there were terms of strength that provided support that black people love fried chicken. (Mosser 2011) I do love fried chicken and reason is because it is in my DNA! Other examples of stereotypes about black people are that they love watermelon. That will probably solely depend on where and how that person was raised. Not all black people like watermelon. The last time I attended a barbeque, a watermelon was present. The funny part is that it wasn’t a black barbeque. We all know if there isn’t any watermelon there is no official barbeque! And if the barbeque only stopped there, all black people are said to be very loud. I don’t know how to really explain that concept. If you attend a party or any special event where loud music could be present along with a huge congregation of black people, it could get to a rather high volume but that doesn’t mean that all black people are loud. There hasn’t been a study of any type to prove that black people talk loud. We are all built different. Some of us are shy and others are simply motor mouths. A lot of these pre-existing beliefs can distort and impair our judgment on other races. Such people are entrenched in their own position in this logical reasoning. I will admit that I am guilty of holding a stereotype against the Asian community. When I am driving down

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