Do You Think Racial Bias in Advertisements

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Do you think there is racial bias in advertisements?? Personally, I think there are many racial biases in advertisement and less now because before, there are many inequality advertisement about race and discrimination of many human beings and so advertisement using the method of “discriminating people” will make the people looking at the advertisement (offenders) feel good and so the person will buy the product. One of the biggest discrimination in the world is the black people and the white people and there are many historical evidences in the advertisement saying they are being racist. Also, there are many religious racial biases in advertisement. One of the famous advertisements selling the sandwiches, as you can see on the right, it’s definitely offending the Jewish. Also, the racist advertisements can sometimes be humorous to the audience and so this type of advertisement will attract the audience to buy the product that’s said in the advertisement. Another kind of advertisement is to make people think about their life and change some aspect about life. It’s not any commercial advertisement where they sell products, but they will make you stop doing something. The advertisement “did you ever see a fat Chinese”, it basically saying that the food the Americans eating is very unhealthy and fat and although it’s a little bit racist but it makes the Americans jealous and they will stop eating oily fast foods. There is one more kind of advertisement where they just offend the other race. For example, the advertisement on the left, it’s just an advertisement offending the black people. They make the white people as the angel and the black people as the devil. That will make the white people to hate the black people without any reason and at the same time to make them feel proud as a white people. This kind of advertisement is ‘over the edge’ racist and nowadays,

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