Stereotypes In The Film Crash

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Crash Over the years we as African-Americans have experienced some form of stereotype. Whether it be how we are good in sports because we run fast,fried chicken and watermelon is our favorite meal,or that we are masters in making the best kool-aid in town. Not only have we been stereotyped as a group but also by our sex. African-American Men have been stereotyped in many ways. It has been said that when you see an African-American male in a dark place and you are Caucasian to be aware because they will cause you harm,especially if you are a woman. America is known as the melting pot; the more ethnicity groups that migrate here the more we as Americans stereotype. African-Americans went from the most popular group to stereotype to the lower half . Americans can take their pick among many ethnicity. Hispanics has became the most popular ethnicity group for us to go against. In the movie the Caucasian woman believe the lock smith would sell a copy of her key to see to his “amigos”. She believed that her home would be broken into,her excuse for her behavior was that she was just held at gun point by two African-American Men so of course this Hispanic was no good as well. Hispanics are also known to come to America to take jobs from hard working Americans. In reality Hispanics are…show more content…
The officer pulled over a vehicle that matched the description of a stolen vehicle, the only problem was the plates did not match. Just because their was an African-American couple engaging in an indecent activity he felt the need to pull them over. He conducted a body search on the female and took the advantage to “fill her up”. Cops are not supposed to cause us harm in anyway, they are supposed to protect us at all times. In reality Cops are the ones who hurt us everyday. The law enforcement society takes their power and uses it to do whatever it is that they want

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