Dangers Of Using Stereotypes In Advertising

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Dangers of using Stereotypes in Advertising Many things we see in today’s media have some sort of connotation or link to a category of stereotype. We see these things on billboards, taxicabs, public transportation, or even in magazines. These ads, which contain a negative stereotype of some sort, create positive and negative impressions not only on the products, but on individuals as well. Stereotypes are everywhere according to Jenny Ellen. “African Americans play sports and run really fast, Latinos join gangs, Native Americans drink a lot, brown skin people are extremely intelligent but easily fooled, homeless people are drug addict's, rich people make there way through money.” Unfortunately, these stereotypes we see in the media are the result of what sells. It’s difficult portraying a wide group of non-stereotypical persons in just one bit of advertisement. That’s why some companies are cautious of using a minority within their advertising because they don’t want to present a false representation. Not only in paper advertisements do we see stereotypes, but also in television ads as well. For instance, the African American niche station BET (Black Entertainment Television) was found to, “represent a venue of minority voices, [but] it is also a source of problematic representations of gender” according to Melinda Messineo. This television station provides desired representations for their culture that could not of been easily afforded if on any other white dominated television station. With this said, automatically, their advertisements are going to be biased towards the African American stereotype. This would be just as true with any other television station with predominantly white viewership. Print media has always interpreted heterosexual culture over homosexual culture in America wrong simply because it is the stereotypical way of doing it. They

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