Paul Revere. More Than a Midnight Ride

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"Out started six officers, seized my bridle, put their pistols to my breast, ordered me to dismount, which I did. One of them, who appeared to have the command there, and much of a gentleman, asked me where I came from. I told him. He asked what time I left. I told him. He seemed surprised, and said 'Sir, may I crave your name?' I answered 'My name is Revere.' " This situation happens as Paul Revere was captured on the night of his famous "midnight ride." The popular thought is that he achieved this task all by himself. The truth is, this was definitely not a one man job. Even though Paul Revere was not the main man behind the operation, he definitely had an influence on the revolutionary actions that took place that night. The three factors that allowed Paul Revere to be a big part in the revolution were his intelligence, his courage, and his social status in the Boston community. Paul Revere was a very intelligent man. He was shaped by the New England standards. That means he was taught by his family, school, church, and the town. When he was seven, he attended Boston's North Writing School. It was a very prestigious school known for controlling boys that were very difficult to work with. Even though their methods were very tough, it worked. Revere came out of that program knowing anything and everything about discipline, but his wandering and curious mind was never kept from exploring. His teachers always taught him to be curious. Essentially, his teachers made him a lifelong learner. From that point on, Paul Revere had a well disciplined, curious young mind which helped him always be ready to learn. In fact, he said that his teachers made him "love his books". Sadly, that was the last of his formal schooling. That does not mean that he ever stopped learning (Fischer 9). Even though Revere had no formal schooling after that point, that does not mean that

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