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“The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie In “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me,” by Sherman Alexie, Alexie explains his path in life with education, and his reflection on the difficulty of being an Indian in today’s America. He explains how he learned to read, his intelligence as a young Indian boy, and life as an adult: teaching Indian kids. Growing up, Alexie had loving family who all lived on an Indian reserve. Both of his parents had minimum wage jobs, which made them middle class in the reserve. Alexie was a smart child and his inspiration to read was his father. His idea was that: he loved his father, his father loved to read, so therefore he must love to read as well. There were many books that…show more content…
Alexie begins by creating a sympathetic tone by: stating how his family was poor and how his love for his father made him learn to read books. As Alexie progresses, he starts talking about when he first started to read. He was using a confident, rather cocky tone. He states how he was only three years when he picked up his first book. He explains how he taught himself by looking at pictures and dialogue, “I look at the narrative above the picture. I cannot read the words, but I assume it tells me that Superman is breaking down the door” (16). Alexie is starting to brag when he narrates that he learned quickly to read, while his classmates struggled to read at the basic level. He states that he should have been seen as “prodigy”. After Alexie establishes his confident tone, he reveals his determination tone. He reveals it by portraying how Indian children were supposed to fail, but not him, “I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky.” (17). Indian boys who failed were accepted: those who succeed were not. Alexie was smart and he was never intimidated, “I fought with my classmates on a daily basis. They wanted me to stay quiet...” (17). Alexie always uses the method of Pathos (emotion) to communicate his ideas to the audience. He uses Pathos by making us sympathize for him because he is an Indian, and for the stereotype he has faced for it. I think Alexie explains clearly about how hard it was growing up as an Indian in a non-Indian world and how he looked past the fact he was Indian and succeeded. Alexie is trying to develop the idea that he is giving hope out to everyone. He is stating that everyone has a chance in life; you just have to believe in yourself and hope for the best. Alexie and his story give us such methods of learning how to read, and his "refusing to fail" attitude. Alexie uses his method by going back to the same

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