Patient Safety Essay

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Patient Safety in a Dialysis Facility Safety is like a member of your family. Treat it with disrespect and it will leave you exposed to harm. Treat it with respect and nurture it as you go and will remain with you always. As health care professionals we are challenged to improve the quality of life beginning with patient’s safety. Increasing patient safety can be best used as a form of intervention by leaders with teamwork and the modification of behavior instead of using a particular process combined with technology. (Weaver, March 2013) Decreasing hazards associated to healthcare is a national priority. That same commitment to prevention must be applied in outpatient settings such as dialysis clinics. Dialysis is a treatment that functions as a kidney when the body is unable to filter the blood and make urine. Hemodialysis process to take place when an access has to be created which is an artificial vein on either arm that transports blood from the body to a dialyzer. A dialysis facility is an outpatient center that provides dialysis treatments for patient suffering from end stage renal disease. Dialysis treatments are usually done three to four times per week for two to four hour per treatment. (Davita, 2004-2012) The facility is responsible for the care and safety of the patients while on premises. In an effort to maintain safety in a dialysis facility many prevention methods are set in place. During the course of treatment, the ability of patients to respond to emergency situations is restricted. This fact has been considered in formulating safety plans. The fire safety plan outlines actions necessary to protect our patient’s lives. This plan provides instructions as to what measures the staff will take to safeguard patients. A leading cause of death among hemodialysis patients, second only to vascular disease, bloodstream and other types of infections
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