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The Role of Basin-Less Baths in Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections Patients come to the hospital for treatment, but hospital acquired infections occur in one in 25 patients a day (Centers for Disease Control, 2014). In 2011, “75,000 hospital patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations” (Centers for Disease Control 2014). Despite the understanding of evidence based practice measures to prevent HAIs, most hospitals are inconsistent with prevention compliance (Krein, Kowalski, Hofer, and Saint, 2012). The treatment of HAIs cost billions of dollars (Centers for Disease Control, 2014). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conducting laboratory research to promote understanding and treatment of HAIs in the nation’s…show more content…
This problem is not population specific nor is there enough time to review all interventions thoroughly for decreasing HAIs. What is going on with hospital protocols for basin-less baths in the Atlanta in-patient population? Time limits the feasibility of this study. Additionally, it requires new research versus the review of published research. This new study would require cooperation of others and data analysis from several facilities. How can nurses minimize the contact of patients with contaminated water? The feasibility of this issue includes the assistance of others, facilities and equipment, researcher experience, and ethical considerations. This question would require the combined efforts of nurses, quality improvement, physicians, and facility management. Facilities and equipment need to monitor the water for contamination. Then, any contamination found in the water leads the hospital to have a moral duty to treat the water and replace faulty pipes and water storage tanks. Finally, an experienced researcher is required to organize and conduct this question. What is the extent to which CHG wipes reduce HAIs? Quantitative data previously collected may provide the research needed for this study. The literature review I found discussing this issue is current to the previous ten years. What differences exist between CHG wipe occurrence of HAIs and bath-basin hygiene occurrence of HAIs? A review of the…show more content…
Next, words associated with the intervention of basin-less baths. The terms include basin-less bath, interventional patient hygiene, skin antiseptics, and chlorhexidine. Then, the comparison feature keywords are baths and bath basins. The result of HAIs provides gross data on several comparisons of practice changes. The general search of HAIs will yield a high volume of studies. The question in this study will evaluate quantitative data, so the terms included are quantitative, trial, or Meta analysis. A review of the keywords in combination in the Walden University library search of CINAHL and MEDLINE established feasibility of research

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