Past Present and Future of Mobile Computing

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Computing Devices An introduction of the selected topic Today we live in the age where computing power has evolved and getting ever so powerful and efficient that in recent times smart phones have gotten thinner lighter and has been playing a major part in people's everyday lives like paying for bills, shopping and banking through apps that can be purchased and downloaded conveniently from their respective device's eco system like those found in the likes of Apple with their "Apps store" and Android with their "Play store" with prices significantly lower compared to traditional software found in desktop computers. it'll be a step in the right direction for the company to take if we could tap into mobile devices for our company's computing needs and get certain things done entirely on mobile devices then to rely solely on the company's issued laptops or desktop which aren't as portable as a Smartphone which could easily fit in a pocket. This report is to analyse the facts and look at other alternatives to help increase the company's productivity and also lowering the operation costs. Past, Present and Future of the selected topic Over the span of a few decades, the needs of users as well as the computational power of computers has risen incredibly , however the user interface in which users interact with haven’t gone through much changes since the mid 90s as the primary focus of the industry was mainly towards the mobile and web sector. Mobile computing is all about portability and in this technological age, the use of computers and Internet for work has become a must for every organization, people find themselves using tablets and Smartphone more and more because of their portability and features such as Bluetooth and wireless cards built into them providing them ease of internet access without being required to be physically connected to any fixed
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