Partition the movie. what kind of a person was the main character "Gian"?

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Partition the movie. what kind of a person was the main character "Gian"? The movie "Partition" is about a man and a woman who live in England administered India. The man and the woman are of different religions, one is Muslim, one is Sikh. The Sikh's and the Muslim's share great hate for each other in India and routinely kill each other. the man and the woman fall inlove with eachother, however, their love is forbidden, and the movie is about their quest to be togeather. At the beginning of the movie, we see Gian ( The main Character who marries the forbidden Muslim Girl) arguing with fellow Sikh's that he does not want to kill any more Muslims, and right at that part we begin to get an idea of just what kind of person he is, he is clearly very caring, he is unlike every other person that live in his villiage which we have seen so far, he does not share the hatred for the Muslims with the rest of the Sikh's, he is obviously a noble man. A little bit later in the movie Gian goes into the forest and runs into a Girl who is very scared, she is a Muslims and thinks that Gian is going to hurt her, however Gian tells her to trust him and he sneaks her back to his house and hids her inside. both Gian and the girl he rescued, whos name is Nasseem, are now living in Gians house, and it does not take long for the people who live in his village to realize Gian is harboring a Muslim in his house, and they want blood. As the Villagers surround Gians house and demand he turn Nasseem over to them he pleads with them, and eventually he gives them all the money he has to get them to leave, and again we see just how good of a person Gian is, and what he is willing to do for the woman he loves, and soon to be mother of his child. eventually, Gian and Nasseem have a son, and then Nasseems wishes to go visit her family again in Pakistan, who don't know where Nasseem is, since

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