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From Prejudice to Hatred When analyzing stories, of any genre, often there are cycles or patterns that are repeated many times. In many literacy and media works, the cycle archetype of prejudice is seen. This recurring course is sometimes stopped by someone who has a basis to his or her beliefs. Both, Jen Sookfong Lee, author of The End of East and Scott Hick’s, director of Snow Falling on Cedar, show through their works how the repeating nature of prejudice, can prevent the full happiness and peace of a population as a whole. The authors illustrate how preconceived notions emphasize faults in specific people, causing distrust and hatred between individuals and societies. Although, many negative effects of false assumptions are shown in both…show more content…
Although they were madly in love since childhood, Hatsue felt like she was doing something wrong and forced herself to end her relationship with Ishmael due to their racial differences. This triggered Ishmael, to also hate the Japanese like the rest of the Whites. The government order to take away the homes and belonging of the Japanese and imprison them due to the war demonstrates the strong resentment among the racial groups. Living in a place where the Japanese are frowned upon by the Whites, innocent Kabuo Miyamoto is accused of murdering fellow fisherman, Carl Heine, an example of the unfair, prejudiced, judgements portrayed in the story. After losing his land, Kabuo has lost all of his faith in the Whites and refuses to co-operate with the trial. Eventually, Ishmael comes to his senses, sees that Kabuo is an innocent man and proves the accusation based only on biased opinions wrong with facts. Ishmael’s character shows that there are people who have the heart to not judge someone because of their race, leaving hope to end the pathetic prejudice people…show more content…
On the whole, by making efficient use of the cyclic archetype of prejudice, the two authors show how people can act so harshly towards one another due to unequal rights. Though the negativity of false assumptions and preconceived notions is highly emphasized, Lee and Hicks also establish that there logical people who look at situations with a clear head. In conclusion, the recurring archetype of prejudice in both works shows the audience that is important to treat everyone fairly because only bad things come out of

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