Parents Know Best Essay

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Cheryl Richardson Mrs. Shieff ENG 090/090A.4236 11 November 2010 Exemplification Essay Parents Know Best No one loves children more than their parents; if children would take the time to listen to what their parents have to say, they would make impeccable decisions in their lives. For example take Audrey for instance; Audrey’s mother had a gift for telling the future, as if she had a crystal ball hidden in the center of her brain, she told Audrey’s life story before her marriage came to pass with her first husband. Audrey was a gregarious type of girl growing who loves all types of music such as; reggae, rap, opera, jazz and gospel seem to be her favorite type of music. Audrey was the tomboy type of female, who had interest in mostly any sport, but her favorite sport was basketball, she played basketball all through her school years from middle school through high school. Audrey was not a trouble child she tried to do what her parents expect of her, but like any other teenager she had her trying moments. Audrey was in college when she met the man of her dreams; during her fall break from school, she went for a visit to North Carolina, and met up with her the man that would become her first husband; Jaymes was his name. Jaymes was a six foot three inch tall, medium muscle frame, soft brown skinned man who appeared to be between the age twenty –two and twenty-five years of age when Jaymes and Audrey met. Jaymes and Audrey were married within six months, everything was going well for the first nine years of their marriage and after those years made history the marriage went downhill from that point on everything anyone could think of that could happen to ruin a marriage happen from infidelity to the Jaymes having a son by his mistress as a result of his infidelity, which had made Audrey’s world turn upside down , Audrey was despondent and sometimes said,” she

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