Human Service Scenario Analysis

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Human Service Scenario Analysis Chris Lee BSHS/322 April 11, 2003 Human Service Scenario Analysis Jessie is a 19 year old black young adult who currently attends a college university about 2 hours away from his home town. He has four younger siblings, two sisters and two brothers. They all live with both parents in a small city. His parents both work and are considered lower class people. They are not, by any means, poor. All of the bills were always paid and the children were never without any necessities. Jessie’s parents fought a lot, however, mostly about financial matters. All the children were A and B students in school including Jessie who is maintaining a grade point average of about 3.5 in college. He is a very bright student with a very bright future. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is a sophomore this year. He is in the Honors Program and is staying in the Honors Dorm at a suite with three other roommates. Two of his roommates he befriended last year and became close friends with them. Since he started college, he has been going home approximately one to two times a month on the weekends on a regular basis. Jessie enjoyed college life and everything was great for him. Jessie has a girlfriend whom he met last October. They have been in a relationship ever since they met. Jessie has grown very fond of this girl and believes that she is the one for him. In February of this year, a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, he decides that he wants to give her a promise ring. As soon as he decides this, he realizes that he does not have the money to buy the ring. He gets desperate and decides to steal one of his roommate’s laptop to take to a pawn shop. He gets the money for it and buys the ring the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Then, he and his roommate decide to take their girls out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.
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