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Portfolio Item 6: STUDENT’S PRACTICE EVIDENCE (Maximum word count 1,200) Reflective Learning Logs-Summary of a significant event/learning opportunity. STUDENT NAME: PB DATE: 24/01/13 Log no: 15 THE CONTEXT: Put the reader in the picture by describing the context of the event/activity/learning opportunity - what you did and how you did it. Reason for visit: Parenting assessmentMs P (mother) hypermobility disorder and depression Mr S (Father ) Bi-polar DisorderChildren: fiveEthnicity: Pakistani Muslim.Fifth visit. Ms P said ‘I am not feeling well’. Ms P talked about family life and was upset and cried; she said the children have physical health or mental health issues and she is drained caring for them, Ms P is the main caregiver. Ms P said E two years and A seven months have not been well; E has not attended nursery for 2 days she will be attending tomorrow.I said respite care in the home or if the older children went to a day centre for a few hours would help. Ms P said it was offered to her before and she said no however, she did agree it would be a good idea. Ms P talked about her husband and said he opened the front door the other day and was barking like a dog, she asked him ‘what are you doing?’ and told him to come in. Ms P said he was talking to himself for 3 hours yesterday and it sounded like 3or4 different languages. I asked if Mr S was taking his medication and Ms P said yes; I said bipolar disorder is an illness and can affect his behaviour.Next visit: 30.1.13 at 1.30pm | VALUES EXPRESSED: Which social work values/ codes of practice does this provide evidence for and how have these been demonstrated, e.g. not just ‘I treated the service user with respect’ – value 2, but how was respect shown? Value B) Respect for, and the promotion of dignity and privacy of individuals, families…I

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