When the Bough Breaks

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In the video "When the Bough Breaks" we saw the relationship between parents and children and profound implications for children's behavior later in the life if that attachment is hampered. The film crew followed three mothers and their problem children. All represent middle class, low risk, intact families. Cameras were placed in the homes of the families and tapes of therapy sessions were used to observe the behavior of the children and their interaction with their parents. First family, it is Calyn and his mother. Calyn has problem He is never ever slept through the night. He does not know meaning of the word sleep. In the house, Calyn always screams. Sleepless nights often follow days when Calyn refuses to nap. Calyn made his mother angry because his has sleepless and lack of relaxation in the relationship. Have this problem Calyn's parents went to Treatment Centre for help their problems with his son and what was done. The parents will look into their backgrounds and also of their children. His mother had painful delivery and it was a troubling start for Calyn, and she wasn't with him first three month. She very often said to Calyn "little bugger, you put me through hell". Many months later his mother fells distanced from her son. Many bad days were for Cylun when his mother left her kids in house and she got in her car and she thought that she was going to leave, but when she was back her kids was sitting on the floor and crying. His mother takes some lessons at the Treatment Centre. After these lessons Cylun fell more relaxations in the relationship with his mother. Her mother tried made some connections, she noted that he was playing really differently and very independently. Later, his mother begins to understand the lexicon of her son when he needs in some helps. After taken couple lessons of therapy for his mother to realize what her son really

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