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Private College and Scholarship Application Packet (PCSA) Parent Portion 1. His high GPA scores in high school are what I consider my son’s outstanding accomplishments during the past three or four years are. He worked hard to receive only A’s and B’s. Another outstanding accomplishment is him winning the paintball tournament in Vallejo, that he worked diligently to get. He put in long practice and came out a champion. 2. He has shown the most improvement and growth in his schoolwork. He studies longer and more than before. He doesn’t have to be told by us, his parents to study. We no longer have to check in on his grades and even though we both work full-time, by the time we get home he already studied and did his homework. Armon is also a better communicator with his family and others. He doesn’t feel the need to argue many of the times and has grown to be more mature. 3. His outstanding personality traits are being courteous to others, being responsible, and being helpful to his family. He sacrifices every Saturday to work with his father long hours, but knows he contributes to our family greatly. Many kids are hanging out and relaxing on Saturday, while he goes to work and helps out his father. 4. a. He is funny and loves to make his family laugh and has a wonderful sense of humor. At the dinner table he loves to crack jokes and make fun of his father in a good way. b. He is smart and earns good grades. He earned a 4.0 his freshmen year and we were sincerely proud of him. c. He is caring. On Christmas Eve, he went out with his dad to Berkeley and clothed some homeless men and bought food for them. d. He is very friendly to others. He loves going out with his younger neighbors playing different sports and helping them with their homework. e. He is also very fun to be around. He loves having a good time with his friends and family. Whether it is

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