Pain And Love In “Beauty And The Beast”

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Pain and Love: Where there is love, there is vulnerability to pain. in “Beauty and the Beast” by Jeanne-Marie le Prince de Beaumont and “The Tiger’s Bride” by Angela Carter In this essay I will compare two stories about beautiful young virgins, who are brave enough to change their destinies. The two stories have much in common. In many aspects, Angela Carter’s “The Tiger’s Bride” (1981) is a retelling of Madame De Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast” (1756). The story “Beauty and the Beast” is a classic fairytale, known to almost every child. But in this essay I will try to show that this simple story has a much deeper meaning. Contemporary writer Angela Carter used the idea of a girl who is forced to live with a beast and gave it another dimension; she modernizes the heroine’s quest. When reading the two stories, I have been noticing some major conflicts between the main characters and their surroundings. There is a remarkable relation of love and pain in the conflicts. They are actually not in opposition, as one could think, but rather connected. The eternal presence of pain when feeling love for someone. In order to understand the topic, the reader should be acknowledged with the story. In the story “Beauty and the Beast” we get to know the protagonist, Beauty, who lives with her father, two sisters, and three brothers. She is a girl of beautiful looks and soul; she prefers to read books instead of going to the balls with her sisters and is willing to take care of the house. She is her dad’s favorite daughter and she also loves him very deeply. The father’s life is full of misfortune and he is very unhappy. The only joy in his life is Beauty and therefore he is very dismayed when he is bound to give his daughter to the Beast. Here we can see a similarity with “The Tiger’s Bride”; there is a close relationship between father and his daughter Beauty, because

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