Pablo Friere Banking Concept of Education Essay

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Smith Professor Decker English 106 2010 Summary of Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education” Paulo’s essay The Banking Concept of Education from Pedagogy of the Oppressed has inspired many to take a new approach towards education, and his philosophy is very influential in today’s academic debates. His work (The Banking Concept of Education) clearly challenges the educational system in place and condemns current beliefs; and his essay clearly portrays a mix of strong emotions towards education. One can clearly see Freire’s strong stance in his opening paragraph when he mentions that “education is suffering from narration sickness.” This quotation implies that education is flawed and crippled; therefore, it needs to be addressed. Freire goes on to explain that it’s the repetitiveness in education, not the power in it that constantly thrives students to question the depths in real learning. One can know what two plus two is, but why does two plus two equal four. The true question then lies in opening the depths of true knowledge; but what is true knowledge or in-depth-knowledge? Then, does the educator really comprehend what he is trying to convey, or is he being superficial and repetitive? No matter what the educator knows, he can assume complete control, because the student is unlearned. This is why Freire feels that the teacher is the “supreme being”, and the student is therefore the oppressed, because he is inferior. Then, “the teacher, ruler, punisher and guide became necessary to prevent chaos” in the school. (Adkins, Paula. “Who created the Supreme Being, the God/Goddess with many names and faces?” May 13, 2010. Web. 20 June 2010) Freire’s view on education is that the student is a being that can be oppressed and manipulated to receive what the educator is instilling in them without objection. This concept is then

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