P4 Unit 4

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Marketing research for marketing plan Introduction: in this task I will explain the use of market research for marketing plan. For this task i will be looking at Paul scenario task. I will also so be identifying Pauls SWOT,PESTLE and two smart objective for his business. Scenario: Paul sandwich bar was serving local customers, a wide range of refreshments such as sandwich, cakes, biscuits and coffees and was establish for a few year. The business was making good profit, suddenly Paul started to notice that his profit started t drop slowly. The result of a 200 customers given to local fresh sandwich bar to find out abut the current range of sandwich on offer and the standard of service including finding that 1) 75% want more children sandwich 2) 82% want the shop to be open longer 3) 65% said the staff were unfriendly 4) 50% said the content of the sandwich should be fresher 5) 80% said they would prefer more wraps Swot Strength: 81% want the shop to be open longer. This is an identified strength for Paul sandwich bar because the customers want their shop to be open longer which means the customers are liking the service they are providing to them. The company had been running for few years, so it tell us that Pauls sand which bar was running successfully, and was making a good profit margin as customers were coming to his sandwich bar. Weaknesses: from the survey it appeared that 68% of the staff was unfriendly. This is noticed as a weakness for Paul sandwich bar because if the staffs are unfriendly then customers will feel not to visit the Paul sandwich bar again because they will feel that they are not being shown any respect. Another weakness for Paul sandwich bar is 70% want more children sandwich, this is an weakness for Paul sandwich bar because they are not meeting their target audience because there are there customers who don’t prefer

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