The Police Fitness Test In The British Army

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The Police Force The Police Fitness Test You will need to be in fairly good condition to pass this police fitness test. Because police must be able to run for a reasonable distance, as part of your assessment, you will be tested to ensure your fitness levels are high enough. This test is just to make sure you would be physically able to carry out your duties. You would be expected to be tested on two key fitness requirements: Dynamic strength - involves performing five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the Dyno machine to measure your strength. Endurance - This is done first. You will run back and forth continuously between 2 lines 15 meters apart in time to an electronic bleep. The speed will increase with each new…show more content…
The British Army fitness tests include a 2 minute press up test, a 2 minute sit up test, a 1.5 mile running test and a sit and reach test. 2 minute press up test - As a solider you will need a good level of upper body strength. The British Army 2 minute press up test is supposed to be a tough muscle endurance test that will stress the chest, back, shoulders and arms. As a target the British army require male recruits to perform 44 press ups and female army recruits to perform 21 press ups in 2 minutes. 2 minute sit up test - Having a strong core and mid section means that you carry strength in your stomach muscles and lower back muscles, a key component of fitness and staying injury free, even when carrying army issue kit during fitness tests and exercise. The 2 minute sit up test will see recruits perform full sit ups with a spotter and counter holding down the feet of the sit up person. 1.5 mile run - The 1.5 mile run test in the British Army recruitment process is aimed to test the aerobic endurance and speed of new recruits. The 1.5 mile running test target is set at 10.5 minutes for male recruits and 13 minutes for female

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