Fitness Requirenments Essay

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Public Services entry Requirements The majority of the Public Services are physically demanding, therefore there are numerous fitness tests that must be passed to get into Uniformed Services. Prison service fitness entry requirements: The prison service entry requirements consist of a dynamic strength test, multi stage fitness test, speed and agility test and the grip strength test. The prison service is very similar to the police fitness entry requirements. The speed and agility test involves running a slalom course through cones marked out over a 13 metre course. There are 3 types of agility tests: 1. You have to sprint form the start line to the end line and going round the end cone and back to the start again. 2. Without stopping you must then negotiate the slalom course sprinting around the cones there and back. 3. After running around the start cone, you again sprint to the end line, and then around the end cone, back to the start, around the start cone and straight to the finish line. The pass rate for the speed and agility test is 27 seconds. The reasons the Prison Services makes you do this test is to see if you are quick and agile enough to complete day to day duties as a prison officer. The dynamic strength test tests your upper body strength. Equipment used is called the ‘Dyno’. (Back strength test) You have to sit with your chest resting against the padding, grab hold of the handle and pull until your hands are level with your sternum. You’re allowed 3 warm up attempts and then you have five full pulls and the averages of all 5 pulls are recorded. The pass rate for this test is to be able to pull 35KG. (Chest strength test) sit down with the back against the padding, take both handles and push. You get 3 warm up attempts again, and then 5 full attempts and again the average weight pushed is recorded. The pass rate for this test is
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