Data Collection Grid

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University of Phoenix Material~ TEAM B Data Collection and Analysis Grid * Use the two articles assigned by your facilitator to identify the following data collection, analysis, and measurement elements for the studies. Limit each box to no more than three sentences. * * | * Qualitative~ life with in curable cancer | * Quantitative~ dance movement for breast cancer survivors | * Data collection methods | * In a focus group, participants were asked about the quality of life in daily living, existential questions and the concept of quality of life. The moderators would discuss significant findings after each meeting. They grouped responses into five themes. | * Exercise participants were given a questionnaire to fill out at the beginning of the testing, at 13 weeks and 26 weeks. It also included the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy and Body Image Scale. Shoulder ROM and arm circumferences were measured by physical therapy. | * Data collection instruments | * The Data collection instruments were telephone calls, and letters of information to participants. * Tape recorders that would then be translated to text were also used. The text was then translated to a database program and rearranged. | * Data review was performed in access databases then imported into SPSS where data transformation and analyses were performed. Repeated measures of ANOVA were used to determine overall time effect and time x group effects. | * Accuracy and reliability of instruments used | * In a focus group, as used in this study, is more of a qualitative research. The observer influences results obtained and participants may hold back all feelings regarding the study. | * In randomized controlled trials as used in this study, it eliminates bias and treatment in patients. It lets the theory of probability be used by letting any
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