1.08 Personal Fitness

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PThrough my interviews and research, I have found that people enjoy participating in activities/sports that are closely related to their cultures and place of birth. Those from Spanish speaking countries where soccer is quite common often enjoy soccer as an activity where as someone who has grown up in an American society where things like baseball and football are common, tend to gravity towards those sports. I have also found that your family has a lot to do with the activities you enjoy doing. A teenager who has a mom who is a runner would probably be more likely to enjoy running than someone who has had no influence like that. Justin Dawn, age 16, was asked what his favorite way to stay in shape was and he responded weight lifting. His second choice was football. He said that he goes to the gym on a daily basis and likes to play football on the weekends. He was born in the United States and raised to watch football with his dad and brothers. His dad was a body builder for many years. This proves my thesis statement. He was born into the American culture and grew up to enjoy football-a typical American sport. His father was a weight lifter and “went to the gym to keep fit”, so now Justin enjoys those things. My second interviewee’s responses were a little surprising but still prove my hypothesis. Anna Holing, age 35, when asked what her favorite activity said that she enjoyed gardening. She said that she isn’t very active and enjoys things like gardening that don’t require a lot of vigorous activity. This answer was surprising because she grew up with a dedicated marathon runner and a gymnast. I thought she would be interested into something similar. She is also of Hispanic background and does not like any sports common to Spain, where she was born. But she said that she spent a majority of her childhood with her grandma who loved to garden. Your

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