Overconsumption in the Modern Work

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 Discuss the idea that ‘overconsumption in the modern world is a serious threat to true sustainability’. It can be said that a growing trend of overconsumption, particularly in Western industrialised nations is rising considerably. This phenomena extends to a wide range of goods and products which at one time were built to be repaired and reused, but now deemed too expensive to do so, are simply tossed aside to make way for a brand new version of themselves.    , it can be said that in these same developed nations especially, individuals consume and purchase far too many products, which are all too quickly consumed and not re-used, repaired nor recycled and after their usefulness has passed, are simply discarded or sent to landfill refuse sites. overconsumption of goods and products therefore is seen as one of many common problems arising in the 21st Century and will continue to be ever more problematic until action is taken. As populations rise and become more affluent and developed, the consumption of goods and natural resources generally tend to grow exponentially and in many cases unsustainably leading to serious consequences.    essay will therefore discuss some of the main reasons for why overconsumption has become a worrying issue and a detrimental trend in the modern world. Also, possible strategies in which to reduce this growing epidemic in the future will be outlined and explored. reasons for overconsumption in modern developed societies could be said to be somewhat complex and not only linked to many countries’ greater affluence but also to satisfy individuals’ personal needs. Bourdieu (1984)    that in modern society, consumer patterns and buying behaviour represent an individual’s way of expressing the particular group to which they identify with in society.    , it could be stated that the main reasons for this increasing trend tend to
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