Benefits Of Gentrification

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The use of gentrification can be viewed by cities and towns as a means to economic development and urban renewal. It has aided in local economic and community revitalization, increased tourism and employment, and preserved regional history, culture, and pride. However, gentrification has not been a benefit to everyone. Gentrification may benefit the upper and middle classes, but the effects of it are often detrimental to low income residents because it forces them to adjust to a lifestyle that they cannot afford. Some see it as simply driving the problems further under the surface or into other areas, rather as a means to revitalizing local communities. This reputation is not entirely unfounded, as there have been instances when gentrification…show more content…
Regardless, there continues to be many socio-economic problems associated with it. With the attraction of new businesses, wealthy professionals, and tourism, there is a trend for property value and rent prices to rise, causing less wealthy residents to move out. The issue of gentrification is one of great controversy and has many interpretations. If one is defining gentrification as simply urban revitalization, it is hard to understand why people are offended by the idea. The more broadly understood definition, found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, among others, is “the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces earlier usually poorer residents” (Webster). The last section of this definition is the issue that is being addressed here and which makes gentrification as controversial as it sometimes is. There are many examples that can demonstrate gentrification can lead to these problems. Sometimes it is intentional, other times it is not. Negative public perceptions of this process can sometimes trump private or public efforts to revitalize communities. Nearly anywhere one turns in the United States, especially in the older communities of the North East and South, has a case of economies and employment rates suffering the most from post-industrial globalization era. This is due to the concept of using gentrification as a means to economic development has become so popular and

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