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Jodie Foster Response Paper #1 Taking My Mother’s Car We moved to Vancouver Washington the summer before I started 4th grade. My family and I had come by the new house one last time before we moved were in. My first memory of Becky was that summer evening I was sitting in the back of the truck, and I noticed a couple of girls walking at the top of the block, and walking my way. As they approached I noticed they were around my age, so I said ”Hi.” Becky introduced herself and Carla, and Becky and I were to go on to become best friend until we lost track of each other in out late teens. I was 15 years old. I l I asked my parents, if I could stay at my best friend Becky’s house for the weekend, for there was a dance at the school Friday night. Becky and I had come up with this great plan to take my mom’s car for the weekend, so I took the key to the car off dad’s key chain. We both waved with big grins on our angelic faces, as we watched my family drive away. We headed back to Becky’s house to get ready for the big dance that evening. Once we felt we were ready to hit the dance floor we headed for my house. I reached down, pulled the garage open and there stood my mom’s pride and joy a 1972 Dodge Charger. I had never felt such pure adulterated elation, for deep down I knew I was standing on the edge of the rabbit’s hole. I greedily climb behind the steering wheel, put the key in the ignition, and turned the key. The car arose to life under us. I then put it into reverse, and we were on our way to an unforeseen weekend of hell. The drive to school went smoothly as we laughed, blared the music, and us thinking we were all that! We attend the school dance, and took a couple of friend with us to a house party at another classmate’s house. We left the house party around 9:30, for we had plans to
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