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Outline Principles That Define the Socio-Cultural Level of Analysis.

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Learning Outcome:
• Outline principles that define the socio-cultural level of analysis. (Describe, anaylse, explain).
• Explain how principles that define the socio-cultural levels of analysis may ne demonstrated in research (that is, theories and/or studies). (Outline, describe, analyse).

Principle Smash Plan: (20 minutes)
1) State 2/3 principles from Socio-cultural level of analysis
2) Explain the principles (using examples)
3) Linking the principle to relevant research (making sure you relate back to how this demonstrates the principle).

1) Humans are social animals and we have a basic need to belong (we need people around us to survive – confidence, encouragement, support). – Howarth (2002)
- Focus Group (Method used)
- Brixton, London (Girls)
- Positive view about being from Brixton
- Non-Brixton residence
- Negative view about Brixton

2) Culture influences behavior (culture has certain value, dictates how we live). – Bond & Smith (1996)
- Replication of Asch;s experiment
- Meta-analysis
- 133 studies that took place in 17 different countries
- Higher levels of conformity with collectivist
- Lower levels of individualists

3) Because humans are social animals, they have social self (personal identity – they are who they are. Social connections with people and event even though they don’t know about them). – Tajfel & Turner (1979)
- Social Identity Theory (S.I.T)
- Creates in-groups and out-groups
- Due to comparison we make to maintain our self-concept
- Part of being a social self
- In-group = positive distinctiveness – positive in our favour
- Out-group = negative side – how do you maintain this
4) People’s views of the world are resistant to change (Stereotyping/discrimination)

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