Outline and Evaluate One or More Research Study Which Has Investigated Effects of Age on Ewt

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Outline and evaluate one or more research studies which have investigated the accuracy of EWT (12 marks) Loftus tested the weapon focus effect on the accuracy of EWT. Paricitpants listened to a heated discussion taking place In a different room. In the first condition, a man lef the room carrying a pen with his hands covered in grease. In the second condition, a man left the room carrying a paperknife with blood covering his hands. Loftus found that participants in the second condition were significantly less accurate at identifying the man from 50 photos than the first condition. This therefore suggests that people tend to focus on the most threatening object, and don’t pay attention to other details of a scene, which affects their accuracy in EWT. However, the study doesn’t take individual differences into account. It is perfectly plausible that participants in condition one simply had better memory, and therefore were more accurate in identifying the man, instead of it being the weapon that affected memory. Christianson and Hubinette interviewed 58 people from a real life bank robbery and found that those who had been threatened in some way could recall more than those who had just been bystanders. Therefore, this suggests that anxiety can increase EWT accuracy if they are at moderate levels. The people who had been threatened in some way must have had optimum levels of anxiety which increased their accuracy in EWT. Furthermore, the study is high in ecological validity because it was a real life case, therefore it has mundane realism. However, because it was a natural experiment, extraneous variables couldn’t be controlled and so it is possible that these may have affected the accuracy of recall instead of it being anxiety. Yarmey asked 651 pps to describe the physical features of a woman they had spoken to for 15 seconds, two minutes beforehand. The pps

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