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aperPrison term policy recommendation proposal 1 Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal David Gastelum University of Phoenix CJA/314 Prison term policy recommendation proposal 2 As a Criminologist Advisor to a member of the State Legislature I will be advising on the recommendation of the proposed bill. The purpose of this bill is to ensure that armed robbery becomes a crime that many will think twice or even three times before committing. It seems that not that many criminals take armed robbery offenses seriously. The objective of this bill is to provide sufficient information for the legislature to pass the bill. The legislature will vote on whether or not to change the maximum term for those convicted of armed robbery.…show more content…
It is very important to make the public aware of the new bill passed and the new doubled prison terms if convicted of armed robbery. If the bill were passed there would be the issue of financial responsibilities, which the innocent public would be responsible for. Doubling a prison term could be costly and one solution would be to seek some funding through fundraisers and grants from the state. The bill would costs the citizens but it would keep them at ease and at peace knowing that almost anyone would be discouraged of committing such a crime. We hope that this bill would have an impact on the would be criminals because not only would their sentence be longer but their chances at parole would be harder to…show more content…
Many criminals commit crimes because they know that their offenses have light sentences and in no time they will be out on the streets wreaking havoc once again. This bill would make it harder for armed robbers to be out in the streets soon after their conviction and highly discourage them to repeat their offense. If a criminal knows that he can commit an armed robbery and only get three months sentence I believe he will more likely repeat his offense. If a criminal knows that an armed robbery conviction would give him six months in prison I believe that would be more than enough for the criminal to think it over and over before committing armed robbery. Many criminals do think before Prison term policy recommendation proposal 4 they commit a crime. I believe they say to themselves what the sentence would be if they get caught. And with that they consider the chances of getting caught and go through with their

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