Outdoor Media Essay

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outdoor media CHAPTER 12 - OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING CHAPTER OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter the student should understand: 1. The diverse formats of the out-of-home industry. 2. Outdoor’s role as a supplement to other media. 3. Primary advertising goals of out-of-home ads. 4. Overcoming the image problems of outdoor advertising. 5. Creative uses of out-of-home, transit and shelter posters. 6. Measurement of the outdoor audience. CHAPTER OVERVIEW Outdoor signs promoting goods and services are the oldest forms of advertising and date to prehistoric times. An increasingly mobile population and out-of-home population makes this medium an important component of advertising. Evidence of outdoor messages can be found in pre-historic carvings on bronze and stone tablets. In Egypt, outdoor was a popular means of posting public notices as well as sales messages. Painted advertising dates at least to Pompeii, where elaborately decorated walls promoted local businesses. In this country, outdoor can be traced to colonial America where posters were called "broadsides." The modern era of outdoor advertising was introduced when the automobile created a mobile society. Outdoor benefited from new printing techniques and a growing advertising industry that was always looking for effective means to reach prospective consumers. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America established the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement to authenticate audience data. Outdoor advertising is experiencing growth at a rate twice that of all other new advertising. This is attributable to several things; expanded creative options, offering of digital formats, fragmentation of broadcast and print, and increased innovation and creativity. Outdoor advertising is giving way to out-of-home media because outdoor has expanded into the fields of shelter and
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