Eugenics: Old World Ideals

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Eugenics The idea of eugenics is clearly an old world set of ideals that in hindsight are both absurd and naïve. What today we might consider a problem in society based on lack of opportunity, eugenicists would view as a continuance of bad genes being passed from generation to generation. According to these old world ideals factors such as race or race mixing contribute to these social blemishes. Early eugenicists sometimes defined race by physical appearance, language, or region of origin. In addition to physical or regional attributes, eugenicists would accompany their definitions of race through anthropometry, which is the measurement of body parts. Eugenicists however eventually began to lose credibility within the scientific world when…show more content…
According to the eugenics site provided “historically humans chose mates within a 15 mile radius”. That being said today’s society has evolved past our previous eras ideals. Due to demographic changes such as farm life to city living and an influence of immigrants we have seen an increase in racial mixing. In addition another influence of racial mixing is technology such as the automobile, internet, and cell phones. With the use of technology people are now pushing the envelope and experiencing options that were uncommon to previous eras. Race Mixing however was not always as popular as it is in our modern day society. In previous generations the idea of miscegenation (race mixing) would produce “undesirable mongrels” and the crossing race would lead to behavioral disharmony. Madison Grant, the author of “The passing of the great race”, went on to say that racial mixing was a social and racial crime that would lead to the demise of white civilization. With the concept of eugenics focusing on hereditary differences without taking socioeconomic variable into account it only allowed prior generations a “pseudo-scientific” gloss for their

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