Nana Ziggurat Vs Khafre Essay

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Nanna Ziggurat vs. Khafre’s pyramid Throughout history different forms of architecture have been influenced by three dimensional shapes. Even though times have changed structures maintain the same form. The Middle East prominently used the pyramid structure. The Nanna Ziggurat and Khafre’s pyramid both represent the same type of structure. Beginning in 2100-2050 BCE with the Nanna Ziggurat the flat head pyramid was seen in usage in Iraq. Keeping similar architecture style with the Khafre’s Pyramids built in 2520-2494 BCE located in Egypt present the structure of a three dimensional triangle. Both structures found in the Middle East can be compared similarly in the sense of shape, base, and structure while being built in different time periods with different resources and with distinct specific purposes. The Nanna Ziggurat is one of the most remarkable surviving archaeological remains. Ziggurats built above flat plains publically made known the wealth, and stability of city ruler’s and glorified its gods (Cothern and Stokstad 2011, 28). Built under the leadership of King Urnammu of Ur and when the Sumerian people regained control of the region from the Guti. The pyramid was built in honor of the…show more content…
Whereas both are evidence of wealth, power, kings and gods, each has distinctive features to represent their individual purpose. Ziggurats where usually huge stepped structures with a temple at the top. The Nanna Ziggurat was probably used for and symbolized a place for humans to encounter with their gods. Unlike Nanna Ziggurat, Khafre’s Pyramid was used as a tomb for a royal king. The body of the King was taken from his royal palace then into the funerary temple where it received elaborate ceremonies. The body would then be taken into the tomb chamber which would be sealed off by a 50-ton stone after the burial (Cothern and Stokstad 2011,
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