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Organizational Analysis Overview of the Organization I have chosen to write my organizational analysis paper on the facility I am currently employed in. I was in a smaller community hospital prior to working at Methodist and in just a matter of a few months the difference is like night and day. New York Methodist Hospital is a 651-bed voluntary, non-profit hospital and serves over 35,000 inpatients each year. Another 200,000 outpatient visits and services are logged annually. The Hospital is also a major teaching hospital with 10 graduate medical education programs and four schools that provide training in allied health professions. New York Methodist Hospital is affiliated with the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University…show more content…
We know our responsibilities and know how to carry them out. Our physicians and nurse manager are supportive in the patient care that we perform, however due to the shortage in staff I do not feel that the highest quality in care is being provided to our patients. Often we are very short staffed and the acuity of each assignment given to nurses is unrealistic to give each patient the attention and care they need. Our manager is aware of this ongoing problem and even protest of assignments are filled out daily by staff but not change has taken place as of yet. Infection rates are rising as well as…show more content…
Once again the shortage in nursing will be a problem that affects this area as well. Quality care is the highest priority to NYM. It is apparent that they do everything they can to make quality care #1. Again comes the issue with the nursing shortage. Having such a strain on nursing makes unhappy nurses and it will show in patient care. NYM is strong in providing advance care nurses and resources for staff to use. NYM is involved in the community with many outreach programs, mobile units and time spent educating the community. NYM not only educates their patients but their community as well. Preventive education is an important part of the interaction that NYM has with the community. Nursing image throughout the hospital is respected the only problem is the nursing image among nurses themselves. The shortage also comes into play here. Nurses become burned out and frustrated and tend to be negative with each other due to the stress. Interdisciplinary relationships throughout the hospital are strong. We work together to make the care of the patients the best that can be provided. We respect and support each other. Professional development is supported throughout the hospital. Education is a high priority and is taken seriously. There are many programs in place to meet the needs of all different students and learners. As far as ladder advancement that is weak

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