Analysis of Nursing and Leadership Styles

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Analysis of Nursing Leadership and Management Styles
Leadership has become an important element in society as a whole. The lack of good leadership is even more serious and this affects all levels of life, including nursing. Power to influence a group depends on the person’s leadership style and how the person fulfills leadership responsibilities (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, & Lynn, 2011, p. 494). The nursing profession focuses its care on patients which is based on humanitarian requirements. In order for nurses to be motivated and provide a high quality of care there needs to be a strong nurse manager. The article reviews relationship between the leadership style and the psychosocial work environment of registered nurses.
Review of the Article
The purpose of the study was to identify the style of leadership that influences the psychosocial environment of registered nurses. This study was able to analyze the positive and negative work environment. The article was able to analyze the background which showed that the leadership style identified has contributed to create a healthy work environment. The article discusses transformational leadership, its relationship in influencing nurses, employee outcome of self-efficacy with the improvement in the work environment.
The Leadership Style
The leadership being discussed is transformational leadership. It is a leadership style which has high leadership components including; behavior influence, motivational inspiration, individual consideration and the dimension of psychosocial work environment. The hypothesis tested and proved that transformational leadership has a positive correlation between the style and the work environment. According to the article reviewed, it shows that nursing leaders who exhibit the behaviors of transformational leadership were able to make changes in their nurses.
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