Organisational Culture Essay

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ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CHAPTER SCAN Corporate cultures provide identifying characteristics and values for organizational members to appreciate and learn. Cultures are distinguished by artifacts, values, and basic assumptions. The socialization process is the entry stage in an organization that provides clues about its culture. Cultures are difficult to change, yet change is necessary in some instances for survival. Organizations need an adaptive culture in order to respond effectively to the changing environment. LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you should be able to do the following: 1. Define organizational culture and explain its three levels. 2. Identify the four functions of culture within an organization. 3. Explain the relationship between organizational culture and performance. 4. Contrast the characteristics of adaptive and nonadaptive cultures. 5. Describe five ways leaders reinforce organizational culture. 6. Describe the three stages of organizational socialization and the ways culture is communicated in each step. 7. Identify ways of assessing organizational culture. 8. Explain actions managers can take to change organizational culture. KEY TERMS Chapter 16 introduces the following key terms: organizational (corporate) culture artifacts espoused values enacted values assumptions strong culture adaptive culture organizational socialization anticipatory socialization encounter change and acquisition triangulation THE CHAPTER SUMMARIZED I. THINKING AHEAD: The Entrepreneurial Culture of Enron II. THE KEY ROLE OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Organizational cultures exist in all organizations, and have important effects on the morale and motivation of organizational members. Cultures are communicated through artifacts, values, and basic assumptions that are both

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