Organic Chemistry Laboratory Safety and Lab Notebook Information Essay

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Organic Chemistry Laboratory Safety and Lab Notebook Information This packet contains laboratory safety guidelines for the organic chemistry laboratory. After attending the safety lecture, sign both safety forms and return one of them to your instructor (you should keep the other form for your records). Students will not be allowed to work in the laboratory until they have attended a safety lecture and retuned the signed safety sheet to their instructor. This packet also contains guidelines for writing the laboratory notebook. Please read this carefully and refer to it as needed throughout the semester. Laboratory Safety Guidelines The one factor that must be present in all laboratory activities is safety. Good laboratory practices require each individual to eliminate hazards to themselves, other people in the class, the college and the environment in every laboratory activity. Students are expected to follow the policies and procedures described here. • Know and use only safe experimental methods. • Know the location and use of available safety equipment. • Do not allow unsafe practices to exist unchallenged. • In case of an accident, notify your instructor immediately. Students will acknowledge in writing that they understand these safety policies and procedures. Students will be evaluated on their understanding and use of safety and good laboratory practices. Policies 1. Goggles are required whenever experiments are performed by anyone in the lab. 2. Shoes with enclosed toes are to be worn in the lab. Sandals are not allowed. 3. Lab coats and long pants will be worn in the lab. Shorts are not allowed. 4. Long hair will be tied back. 5. No eating, drinking, smoking or

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