Hs100-08-Unit 9 Project

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Unit Nine: Case Studies Assignment Nicole McDonald Kaplan Univeristy HS 100-08 Scenario #1 Do you think Mindy dresses appropriately for the medical facility? Why or why not? I do not think that Mindy dresses appropriately for the medical facility because she has face piercings that a person who works in a medical facility should not have. She also has multicolored hair which is a big no-no in most businesses. At my work, you are only allowed to have one different color besides your natural hair color (whether it is your natural hair color or dyed hair color). Also her clothing is not appropriate for working in a medical facility because she is wearing jeans with holes in them and a short t-shirt. Most medical facilities prefer that you wear a pair of scrubs. Mindy is always clean and sharp; she spends way more time than most people getting ready for work, but does her personal “style” detract from the facility's aire of professionalism? I believe that Mindy's personal style does detract from the facility’s aire of professionalism because if she chooses to wear jeans with a basic t-shirt and has multicolored hair and face piercings, she shows that she does not really want the job and does not want to follow the rules of the company. A person who would like a job in the medical field would an appropriate outfit like scrubs on, they would either have no facial piercings or would have taken them out for work and they would only have one or two natural colors in their hair. What are your thoughts on how and why to project a professional image? My thoughts on how to project a professional image would to be a well mannered person that knows and follows the rules for the company they work for. At my work, they have sets of rules for each department for their dress code, most of the departments are the same but the people who work in freight

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