Bsbwhs201A Contribute to Health and Safety to Self and Others

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BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS Processes Work Safely Question 1 What procedure should you follow to ensure your workstation is set up to your ergonomic requirements? Give at least three points. * Position the top of your monitor screen at your eye level. Then tilt the monitor 10-20 degrees back to keep the same focal length as your eyes scan from the top to the bottom of the screen. Position the monitor at arms’ length from your eyes. * Ensure the top of the keyboard is level with the height of your elbow. Tilt the keyboard back slightly so your wrists lie flat. It is advisable to use a wrist rest so your hands and wrists remain in a relaxed position. * Use an easily adjusted chair, display mount and keyboard tray. You can change the position of the monitor and keyboard to accommodate the reflexive changes of your posture. Arrange your workstation in a way that allows you to stand periodically. Question 2 List three ways in which an employee can contribute to a healthy and safe work environment. * By co-operating with their employer’s efforts to meet safety obligations under the legislation. * By being aware, and taking care of their own safety and acting in a way that does not place other employees at risk of injury or illness. * By consulting with employers on matters that relate to health and safety in the workplace (through and OHS committee as an example) and assisting to provide practical solution to WHS problems within the workplace. Implement workplace safety requirements Question 3 This is a research question. Safety signs are used in the community and in the workplace to ensure accidents are avoided at all costs. Using your search engine, research and select four common safety signs and state their meaning. Include an image of the sign with its meaning Safety Sign | Meaning | Safety Sign | Meaning | | Be careful, the floor has just

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