Order Winner and Order Qualifier Essay

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Order winners are the competitive characteristics that cause a customer to choose a brand/product or good and services over competitors. These characteristics are the competitive advantages a firm/brand has over the other. Order winner focuses on one (rarely more than two) of the following strategic initiatives: prices/cost, quality, delivery speed, delivery reliability, product design, flexibility, after market service, and image. Order winner in turn puts a firm/ brand at the preferred position to competitors. Order Qualifiers are competitive characteristics a firm must exhibit to be a viable competitor in the market place. An order qualifier is something that all the competitors provide and customers take for granted. The above concepts are quite important to the sustainability and growth of a company. In executing an innovation plan for example, it is very important to consider so many things among which are goals/reasons for executing the innovation plan, the benefit of the company in the innovation plan etc. The concept of order winners and order qualifiers is there seen by an operations manager as a light in the search path of landing innovation, sustaining brands/product and improving goods and services to keep a company viable in the competition world. Order winners and Order qualifiers both keep a company on its toes in meeting the day to day demand of the consumers by driving improvement, affordability and value for money among competitors. In my company for example, we launched an improved detergent which the packaging material was changed to a more colourful and attractive one (which is a form of order qualifier). The fact that the packaging was changed to be more attractive makes everyone consider the detergent at the first sight. But the managers of the brand further considered the concept of Order wining and made a claim on the wrapper of
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