Opposing Arguments Against Affirmative Action

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In an attempt to reverse the injustice and actions from the past regarding discrimination, government has implemented legislation such as the Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action by definition is “the effort to improve the employment and educational opportunities of women and members of minority groups through preferential treatment in job hiring, college admissions, the awarding of government contracts, and allocation of other social benefits.” (Meriam-Webster) This act attempts to eradicate social dislocation by giving minorities a fair chance at having the same opportunities, that which a person considered “non-minority” would have, but the questions poses…does the Affirmative Action hinder or help the situation of minority groups? Does…show more content…
If another student or applicant for a job is more capable and eligible for the spot but is given to someone in the “minority group,” doesn’t this create resentment from the more capable applicant? Although government is trying to reverse years of discrimination it actually may be nurturing it without even seeing the serious side effects it may be evoking. To be completely free of racism, discrimination, prejudice, and all the above we need to take away the labels. There shouldn’t be a “minority group,” everyone is equal and that is how we should move forward. If we say one person is weaker than the other, than our own government is instilling in us what we have tried to eradicate for years. Bibliography Messerli, Joe. "Affirmative Action." - Affirmative Action (Pros & Cons, Arguments For and Against, Advantages & Disadvantages). Balanced Politics, 07 Jan. 2012. Web. 10 June 2013. http://www.balancedpolitics.org/affirmative_action.htm B., Phil. "The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action." Phil for Humanity. N.p., 2006. Web. 10 June 2013 http://www.philforhumanity.com/The_Pros_and_Cons_of_Affirmative_Action.html Wolf, Richard J. "Supreme Court to Make Crucial Rulings on Race." USA Today. Gannett, 9 May 2013. Web. 10 June 2013. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/05/08/supreme-court-affirmative-action-race/2145291/riam

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