Why Is Affirmative Action Important To Minorities

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Affirmative Action – An Insult to Minorities Boston University College Republicans President Joe Mroszczyk recently confuted Affirmative Action at the Boston University Great Debate in April 2007. “He said, ‘[Affirmative Action] tells [minorities] their only value is their race and [they are] not . . . an individual who can compete with whites on the same level,’” (Benjamin). The negative and downbeat jab at minorities’ abilities and potentials called Affirmative Action is supposed to be a program designed to end racism; instead, it really just lowers the standards for minorities. The term affirmative action refers to policies intended to promote access to education or employment typically aimed at minorities. The motivation for it is to redress the effects of past and current discrimination and to encourage public institutions to be more representative of the population. However, the faulty scheme actually lowers the bar for minorities consequently causing reverse discrimination that gives…show more content…
It will no longer need to be answered because it will no longer need to be asked, not even sotto voce (under one’s breath)” (Sacks and Thiel). Bibliography Benjamin, Andrew. “Panel Against Affirmative Action Wins Great Debate.” The Daily Free Press. 5 April 2007. 1,6. Chung, Chang Y. and Thomas J. Espenshade. “The Opportunity Cost of Admission Preferences at Elite Universities”. SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY. Vol. 86., No. 2. June 2005. Sacks, David and Peter Thiel. “The Case Against Affirmative Action”. Stanford Magazine. Nov./Dec. 1996. 4-6. Smith, Daniel. “Against Affirmative Action”. St. Norbert College Weekly Newspaper. <http://home.snc.edu/eliot.elfner/336/agaffir.htm>. “Affirmative Action”. Wikipedia. Jan. 2007. <http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative
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