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Operations Management Essay

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Below is an essay on "Operations Management" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Reflection Paper: Chapter 1
The first topic is an overview about operations management. During the discussion I was able to understand more what is the importance of operations management in the success or failure of a business. It was said that operations management is the organization, coordination and control of the company’s resources in the production process of a product or service. Also the operations management helps in the transformation of the business inputs like raw materials and information into finished goods or service.
Operations management is said to be one of the major functions in a business. At the same time it is correlated to the other functions of a business such as financing and marketing. I also learned that a manufacturing and a service type of business has a different kind of operational requirements because it’s obvious that this type of businesses differ in the nature and objective of its industry, also in the way of production and distribution of products.
The operations management has been developed through time. It has its own milestones in which in each of these milestones there are significant events and learning that shaped operations management.
Thus, for me, operations management is has a very important role in running a business. It’s because it helps us know the various trends coming in and out of the world today. Helps us recognize what are the needs and improvements do we need to develop the success of the business. That’s why operations management should also relay its concerns to the other business functions for them to be able to act upon it as soon as possible.

Reflection Paper: Chapter 2
In this chapter I was able to know the role of business strategy in operating a business. A business strategy is a long-range plan of a business. Each member of the business must take part in the fulfillment of the business’ strategic plan. But in making a business strategy it must take into consideration its...

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