On Women Empowerment

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On Women Empowerment Even before history started, there has always been a great difference between males and females. Men always dominate women, women always follow men. That has always been part of the culture and tradition of every country. But why does it have to be like that? We now live in the 21st century, the age of computers and technology. I think it is also time for us women to stand for what we believe in and try to make a change. Let us make our voice be heard. Let us shout to the world our dignity and pride. We as women, offer a lot of things to the world. Just imagine a world without us. It would be dull, boring and loveless world. Come to think of it, who was there when we needed love as babies? It was our mother. Who cared, embraced and loved us when we were still defenseless? Again, it is our mothers. Women, play a vital role not just in the society but in the world. Men can never try to do our jobs. As for us women of today, we can start women empowerment in our very own selves. We just have to be proud that we are born as female and carry the dignity that has been passed from generation to generation. We have to know our rights and try to defend it. We should not let men look down on us just because we are women and we have to set an example for other females that we can be leaders, advocates and even presidents. We have to open our minds to the world full of opportunities for us and we have to make the most out of everything that comes our way. We have to voice our thought and let actions be done. Lastly, we have to believe in ourselves and our own
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