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French Revolution DBQ The French revolution of 1789 was a period of significant change. The ideas of the intellectuals of the Enlightenment brought new views of government and society. Political, social, and economical changes in France contributed to this change. In France, people wanted rights of equality and freedom. Equality and freedom soon became the peoples’ main focus. Men, women, and the other ethnicities all formed together as one. Many events occurred prior to the French Revolution, the opposition of the Church, women’s rights, and abolishment of the French government. For example, Document 1 states, “We ask to be enlightened, to have work, not in order to usurp men’s authority, but in order to be better esteemed by them, so that we might have the means of living our of the misfortune”. In other words, Document 1 is stressing that women should know their own language as to that they people of their nation. Moreover, women’s right needs to be acknowledged and should not be taken so lightly. The women are still people, human as many would say. Another example, in Document 2, it stresses that the people of the estates should not be divided into group, but to be taken as a whole. In other words, people should not be simply segregated because of class distinctions. Moreover, the people are treated unequally. The nobility differed greatly from the peasants. There were differences in taxation, land occupation, and simply acknowledgement. Equality and freedom simply created change to the French hierarchy and order. France, also reformed through socialism, the people of the French society wanted education, order, and peace. Peace was soon brought after the French Revolution. For example, Document 8 stresses that peace and prosperity can only be brought through fear and terror. In other words, the terror was used a tool to prevent opposition of the nation and
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