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What Do These Excerpts Tell Us About Multicultural America? (Extra Credit Paper) A Comparison Format The two excerpts Black Panther Party and Friedan were similar in arguing the fact that people should be treated equally. Generally there are differences on how to demonstrate equality, but both excerpts have the same general ideas. The Black Panther Party was a black revolutionary socialist organization active in the United States starting in 1966. The group created a Ten-Point Program, a document that called for “Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice and Peace”, as well as exemption from conscription for black men, among other demands. With the Ten-Point program, “What We Want, What We Believe, the Black Panther Party expressed…show more content…
The 1966 document offered a combination of stated beliefs, historical overviews, and firm rejections of particular social ideologies. As stated in the excerpt, “We, men and women who hereby constitute ourselves as the National Organization for Women, believe that the time has come for a new movement toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes, as part of the world-wide revolution of human rights now taking place within and beyond our national borders” (113). The purpose of National Organization of Women is to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society, by exercising all privileges and responsibilities that are the same as men. As stated in the excerpt, “the time has come to confront, with concrete action, the conditions that now prevent women from enjoying the equality of opportunity and freedom of choice which is their right, as individual American, and human beings” (113). The National Organization of Women is devoted to women getting equal rights. As stated in the excerpt, “women can achieve such equality only by accepting to the full the challenges and responsibilities they share with all other people in our society, as part of the decision-making mainstream of America political, economic and social life” (113). Changes that take place in our everyday lives make it possible and necessary to give women the equality that they deserve. Women should not have to…show more content…
The organization was formed to address various issues concerning the Native American urban community, including poverty, housing, treaty issues, and police harassment. As the excerpt stated, “Indian and non-Indian Commission to review domestic treaty commitments and complaints of chronic violations and to recommend or act for corrective actions including the imposition of mandatory sanctions or interim restraints upon violative activities, and including formulation of legislation designed to protect the jeopardized Indian rights” (118). Since the American Indian Movement was found, the group led protests advocating indigenous American interests, inspired cultural renewal, monitored police activities, and coordinated employment programs in cities and in rural reservation communities across the United States. As stated in the excerpt, “ the Administration support and seek passage of, new provisions under Titles 18 and 25 of the U.S. Code, which shall extend the protective jurisdiction of the United States over Indian persons wherever situated in its territory” (121). The American Indian Movement also had supported indigenous interest outside the United States as well. As had civil rights and antiwar activists, the American Indian Movement used the American press and media to present its message to the United States

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