Woman In 19Th Century Essay

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Woman in the Nineteenth Century “History is herstory too”(qtd. in anonymous). Discrimination of women has always been around. Even today, people still capture ludicrous pictures of women with certain manly positions. Women bus drivers, lady carpenters, women doctors, or frankly female presidents seem some what odd. As an early proponent of feminism, Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli, commonly known as Margaret Fuller, wrote her essay “The Woman In The Nineteenth Century” passionately claiming her idea of women’s rights. Fuller uses certain phrases or remarks made by men as an example to express her thinking that women are equal to men. The first statement uses exaggeration is “Knowing that there exists in the minds of men a tone of feeling toward women as toward slaves,”(qtd. in Wilhelm, 195). Slave is an excessive term. By using the word “slave” she is able to efficiently emphasize the mistreatment that women received from men. She also references “the frequent remark, “You cannot reason with a woman”-when from those of delicacy, nobleness, and poetic culture, falls the contemptuous phrase “women and children”(qtd. in Wilhelm, 197). Men regard their gift of reasoning as their highest prerogative and feel that men are the only who see things through reasoning. Fuller feels women also have a right to reason. Using those phrases and remarks she was able to enforce her idea passionately that men and women are equal. In her essay, Fuller uses the story of a woman named Miranda in order to enforce her idea. Miranda was a woman, “who, if any in the world could, might speak without heat and bitterness of the position of her sexes.” (qtd. in Wilhelm, 198). Just like Fuller, Miranda also was a believer of sex equality. As it states Miranda’s father “possessed the keys to the wonders of this universe, he allowed free use of them to her, and, by the incentive of a
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