I Have a Dream Speech

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Trinae Hall Professor Moore English 110C 8 December 2011 I Have a Dream The famous “I Have a Dream” speech was delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963, on the occasion of the Walk on Washington for Jobs and Freedom against racial inequality. This date’s significance is half if the importance of Dr. King’s speech, this day was the commemorating of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves. In his speech Dr. King used some linguistic methods, including repetition, metaphors, inspiration, identification and persuasion in his speech topics. Firstly, Dr. King started his oratory by demanding racial justice. He builds this by taking the historical background of black people into account. He mentions that previously they were deprived of their basic rights and were living a miserable life. Then he builds a parallel scenario to describe the oppression on the African Americans. In his speech he describes the consequences of unfairness in America and by the classical technique of tragedy, he appeals to the emotions of the audience. He also explains the goals and solutions of the problem which the black population was facing consistently. Later, he gives the opinion that the fate of white people is tied up with the destiny of the black and their peaceful coexistence is essential for the progress and prosperity of the state. He then moves on to describe the potential of the population that has not been allowed to participate in the progress of the country. He argued that if given respect, opportunity and responsibility, the African Americans would be capable enough to be active participants in nation building. He beautifully told that it is the duty of the government to uproot the racial discrimination between the blacks and whites. In his iconic speech he urged America to fulfill the promises of democracy- those of provision of equal rights
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