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On The Black Hill : Bruce Chatwin Characteristic in chapter one-seventeen Main character Jones’s family: Amos : son of Hannah and Sam, father of the twins and Rebecca, he was the one who make a chance to stay and spend the life in the Vision. Mary : Amos’s wife, she is a good mother taking care of her children but she was unhappy to be with Amos Benjamin : the twins, he was ill son , he likes to cooking and jealous when Lewis interested in other people than him. Lewis : the twins , he was much more stronger than Benjamin he was great in sheep-dogs. Rebecca: daughter of Amos and Mary, sister of the twins Hannah : mother of Amos Sam : father of Amos Bickerton’s : Land agent Mrs.Bickerton: As a girl she devoted…show more content…
Long ago this place has been called “ Ty-Cradoc” but in 1737 an ailing girl called Alice Morgan saw the Virgin hovering over a patch of rhubarb, and ran back to the kitchen. In order to celebrate the miracle her father renamed his farm as “The Vision.” However the Vision has been the house of Jone’s family. Amos Jones has twin son called Lewis and Benjamin. Lewis was taller than Benjamin he was much stronger than Benjamin and great in sheepdog. Benjamin in the other hand was great in cooking, the darning and ironing. He was shorter than Lewis. The twin had reputation of being stingy but this wasn’t always so. Because they knew each other’s thoughts they even know what the others think without speaking. The black stars brought back a memory of their father, Amos Jones, nothing in the kitchen has changed since the day of their father’s funeral. Lewis was terrified with thieves and antique dealers, so he keep the shotgun up beside the grandfather clock. There was a picture of themselves at the age of six it was the best memory of them another great pleasure was a snapshort of their great nephew , Kevin also the age of

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