Racism In The Handmaid's '

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In the novel there was a 14 year old boy from a town called the port where hardly anything happens. He lives with his mother, father, brother, sister but really does not connect that well with his dad. He has a really good friendship with this aboriginal boy named dumpy. First Gary is very unconfident. This is due to his abusive father who calls him a gutless wonder ‘’Gary is scared about being 1st ruck in the footy grand final by accident he helps the team by getting in the umpires way and makes him loose time and misses. Then became a hero. At presentation night he won best T man trophy. His dad comes to the presentation night and for once is proud of his son and shakes his hand. Eventually he grew in confidence and stood up in front of…show more content…
Gary would be at the pub with his older mates and they will throw a racist joke around about aboriginals and gary would laugh and laugh like he was never heard of a joke in his life. Racism is a key factor in this novel and Gary is part of it but really doesn’t realize. His friendship with Duncan makes him aware not to laugh at the jokes, the next time he went to the bar with his older mates and the racist were thrown around he didn’t laugh at the joke. Presentation night the night of fun and laughter but this was no laughing matter. Dumpy was Cleary the best played on the grand final match but yet he didn’t het best on ground because he was aboriginal. Gary didn’t think for himself he usually went with the crowd. He ditched Clarence for his boys and got embarrassed. All his mates and family told him to not to go to the funeral another. The funny thing is, is that if he didn’t have a nungah friend and support from his mum and Darcy he wouldn’t of not changed for the better. Friends and support is so important in life and without it you simply wont know. because it’s not his business. Cathy’s BBQ was on the same day and convinced him to go to the funeral and pays his respect. Dumpy family appreciates him coming and Gary finally developed how to be independent. When someone changes its usually for the worse in Gary case it’s for the better. Gary changes one identity and

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