Gender Roles In Bluebeards Egg

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Gender roles are played upon in novels and stories. In our society and many others all over the world gender is crucial in how people or characters are accepted in society. In Margaret Atwood's novel, Bluebeards Egg, Atwood uses characters to reinforce socially accepted gender roles in a male dominated society. In Bluebeard’s egg, Sally, Ed’s wife plays the protagonists in a short story where a woman bases her existence entirely on the male figure in her life, Ed, her husband. The time and place in Bluebeard’s Egg is crucial in how the characters act in society and how they are accepted by the opposite sex. Sally is a housewife during a period in the 1940's where society had cast women into inferior roles pertaining to men. The men of the household were the bread winners and the women stayed at home to take care of the house and children. Although Sally and Ed had no children together, Sally was an ideal housewife. Sally loves her husband, Ed, because he is beautiful, blond and dumb. She is in fact dominating, manipulating, and her relationship to her husband seems to be that of a mother to an…show more content…
It clearly shows the excessive concern over a husband and lack of awareness of self . In a way the egg in the story is the truth that humans seek but the trust is covered by the hard protective shell and only people who go beyond the surface and look for change can get to the core, to the truth which proves liberation. The way story is written with it’s own Bluebeard story in the middle of the new story reminds me of the egg which is created has a life inside itself. Sally thinks the egg is alive, and one day is will hatch, but what will come out of it? (PAGE 156) 2nd Prgh.). This relates to woman’s intuition as fundamental as close analysis weather our interpretation of the story is intuitive or of an illusionary truth because nothing in life is what it

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